Sunday, 11 August 2013

Homemade Gloop

We made Green Gloop at Playgroup - I had wanted to make this for some time and my first attempt was a complete failure.  I added too much water and the gloop was not gloop at all!  It was more like green runny water.  The next attempt was much better and here is the results...think, oozy, green gloop!

What you will need:-
Food colouring
Mixing bowl

What you will need to do:-
Add a full packet of cornflour to the mixing bowl.  Slowing add water to the cornflour (one tablespoon at a time - VERY IMPORTANT).  Once you have the desired consistency add the food colouring.

The kids can use their fingers and hands to play with the gloop, or use spoons, funnels and spades.

Nature Art

I love working with different elements when creating art.  We recently ran a kids craft activity at our local shopping centre and took along a ton of natural products for the kids to create something special with. 

Twigs, bark, sand, flowers, shells, seeds and whatever else I could find in my backyard.  Using PVA glue and some white bond paper, the kids absolutely loved it!  

A couple of tips:-
- Place sand in old salt shakers (really lessons any major mess)
- Use paint brushes to apply the PVA glue
- Set up your work area with everything in baskets or piles
- Let the kids help with collecting your nature art supplies (this just adds to all the fun)

QLD Maroons Supporter Flags

Queenslander! Queenslander! Queenslander!

If you want to get into the State of Origin spirit, create these super easy kids footy supporter flags.

What you will need:-

Felt or Fleece
Foam letter shapes
Foam trophy shapes
Felt pen
PVA Glue

What you will need to do:-

Free hand draw a triangle onto the cardboard.  Cut out the template flag and lay it onto your fabric.  Trace around the edge and then cut out the fabric.  If you are confident, you can cut the flag out directly onto the fabric.
Arrange the letter and trophy shapes onto the flag and apply with PVA glue.
Attach the length of dowel using the PVA glue.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Coloured Rice @ Playgroup

I took the coloured rice we made at home to Playgroup this week and I really enjoyed watching the kids play.  We added some sand toys so they could scoop and pour the sand.

Its such a cheap, clean and fun idea! Here is my coloured rice recipe.  My next coloured rice project is to create a farmyard - stay tuned for that one!

Trampoline Hockey

Trampoline Hockey is what I'm calling it - Lucas and I played a fun game outside today and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Lucas stood at one end of the trampoline and I stood at the other.  We took turns in pushing his big red monster truck across the trampoline.  If the truck got passed you, a point was awarded to the other player.

We must have stood there and played for 30 minutes (that's a long time for my 3yo to be engaged in one activity!).  I loved spending this time with Lucas - such a simple activity but we both had so much fun!

Ribbon Rings

Even boys have fun with Ribbon Rings!

My mum made a some for our local handmade market and gave us the ones that didn't sell to bring along to Playgroup for all the kids to play with.  Before we got to Playgroup, Lucas had already claimed his Ribbon Ring- he loved waving it around, running, jumping and seeing it follow him.

They are very easy to make, this is what you will need:-

Curtain Rings
7 lengths of different coloured ribbon
Small bells (optional)
Needle and thread

What you will need to do:-
Tie the lengths of ribbon to the ring.  If using the small bells (they really do make a lovely touch), sew one or two to a length of ribbon.

Here are some ideas for using your Ribbon Rings:-
- Gymnastics or ribbon dancing.
- Great as decorations at a birthday party and then can be taken home as a thank you gift.
- Tiggy (pop the ribbon ring in the childrens pockets, kids need to grab the ribbon to be tagged).
- Create shapes and patterns in the air
- Use as a "batton" in a relay race

This is a great activity as kids can help with tying the knots.  We have made basic ones at Playgroup before but I'm happy to say they loved mums ribbon rings too!  Thanks mum!

Tennis Ball Painting

We got the paints out today and did some good old fashioned painting!  I like to use the A-Frame Blackboard and peg the paper on so the kids can stand up to paint.  We also use old egg cartons to keep the colours separate.  

We were painting away and Lucas decided to to see what happened when he covered a tennis ball in paint - mainly to see my reaction I think!  We all joined in and the kids had a blast! Lucas liked rolling the ball in the paint and then seeing it roll across the cardboard.  Joshua loved chasing the ball and bringing it back to Lucas.

The best part for me was Lucas' enthusiasm in cleaning up the "tracks" left behind by the ball.