Sunday, 11 August 2013

Homemade Gloop

We made Green Gloop at Playgroup - I had wanted to make this for some time and my first attempt was a complete failure.  I added too much water and the gloop was not gloop at all!  It was more like green runny water.  The next attempt was much better and here is the results...think, oozy, green gloop!

What you will need:-
Food colouring
Mixing bowl

What you will need to do:-
Add a full packet of cornflour to the mixing bowl.  Slowing add water to the cornflour (one tablespoon at a time - VERY IMPORTANT).  Once you have the desired consistency add the food colouring.

The kids can use their fingers and hands to play with the gloop, or use spoons, funnels and spades.

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