Monday, 29 April 2013

Chickens join the family!

We introduced four new members to our family at Easter - Four Black Chickens!  We wanted to introduce Lucas to the responsibility of owning a pet (so why not introduce four?!) and getting fresh eggs was just a bonus!
Lucas went to the shop and picked out the chickens with his dad. They brought them home and settled them into the pen.  Lucas' dad had made a big nesting box and he placed some straw in it to make the chickens comfortable (in hope that this would make eggs appear in the not too distant future..... waiting..... still waiting.....and more waiting).
The chickens were named by Lucas - Riely (after his best friend at Kindy), Lucas (of course), Joshua (his baby brother) and Joshua (his baby brother).  Yes, that's right.  Two chickens have been given the name Joshua.  At first one was named "Mummy" but the next day it was re-named Joshua.  Go figure the logic of a 3 year old!

Each morning we leave the comfort of the warm house and venture down to the cold backyard to feed the chooks.  It's Lucas' job twice a day.  He scoops up the chicken feed into a bucket and takes it into the pen.  We fill up their water containers and usually stop for a little chat.  "Hello Chickens".

On two occasions in the last four weeks Lucas has said he didn't want to go feed the chickens.  I just reminded him that it was his job to feed the chickens and what would happen if we didn't feed them?  "They will be very hungry mummy".  It didn't take much convincing on either of these occasions and he soon put on his boots and we were on our way.

I can't wait for the chickens to start laying!  It will be a magical moment when we discover the eggs.  Look out for a post when that happens!!  Do you have chickens or other pets?  Do your kids help out with the care of them?

Cardboard Box Puppet Theatre

I have saved nearly every cardboard box we have used for about 6 months.....cereal boxes, teabag boxes, birthday toy boxes and so on.  I have been wanting to make a puppet theatre for ages and then yesterday we got a package delivered in a box just the right size!

I started by removing all the sticky tape holding the box together, then I cut the box down the short sides, leaving one side flap attached.

I then cut out the "stage" using a Stanley Knife.  We then got to painting which is where Lucas was able to help. 

Side note: From the start this was my activity, (and it showed when I got just a tad frustrated with Lucas' painting - the words "we are never painting again" passed my lips) it took this moment of frustration to pull me back down to earth and realise I was creating this FOR Lucas and if he wanted to paint it multicoloured, well then, that was just fine. :)

Once the paint dried we chose some material to make the curtains.  I tried a few different ways to hang the curtains.  Tacks, tape, blue-tac.  I would have like it if the curtains could be drawn open and closed but I'm just not that handy when it comes to sewing. So, finally we went with the white glue.

All that was left to do was get the puppets out and put on a show!  This worked well in our outdoor area on the table as it's just the right height for Lucas to stand up.  We took the theatre along to Playgroup and it was a bit of a fizzer.  The wind kept blowing it over.  I would suggest if you intend on using this in an outdoor environment, some cardboard supports added to the back panels would work a treat.

What have you made using a cardboard box?  Comment below and attach your photos!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The wonder of Mist

One morning last week we were outside especially early (feeding the chooks).   It was very misty and Lucas (3yo) was very intrigued.  "We are on Misty Island Mummy!".  I made the most of this "moment of wonder" and we spent some time trying to catch the mist, poking at the spiderweb dew/frost, and watch the water droplets run down leaves ("but it's not raining?"). 

Spending moments like these with Lucas is just priceless.  Love the magic and wonder he brings to our lives!

What magical moments have you had with your kids? - Ange.

Toilet Roll Craft - Cardboard Tube Necklaces

I have been saving all our cardboard tubes for ever!!  I didnt have a plan on what we were going to use them for and when the basket started overflowing I thought it was time we did something!  I took them along to playgroup and we made these Cardboard Tube Necklaces. 
things to do with kids bundaberg
What you will need: Cardboard tubes (toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls), scissors, felt pens, string/wool/ribbon.

What you will need to do: Cut the cardboard tubes into segments (approx 2.5cm wide). Decorate with the felt pens - draw pictures or names. Thread the tubes onto the ribbon and tie ends.

Things to do with kids bundaberg Things to do with kids in bundaberg

How do you use up your cardboard tubes?

Colourful Jellyfish - Made from plastic bottles!

I was given loads of empty 2L softdrink bottles for our Playgroup, and I was playing around today with some ideas for craft activities.... this is one I came up with!
Things to do with kids bundaberg
What you will need: 2L Softdrink bottle, paint, tissue paper, googly eyes, string, tape, glue, hole punch, Stanley Knife, scissors.

What you will need to do: Cut the softdrink bottle in two using the stanley knife. Paint each portion of the separated bottle (we used orange and purple paints). While the paint is drying cut strips of tissue paper - the more colours you use the better. Once the paint is dry, punch holes in the bottom of each section of bottle. We punched four holes in each. Poke the strips of tissue paper through the bottle sections and secure with tape. Glue on googly eyes. Attach a string to the top of each bottle so the jellyfish can hang.

Things to do with kids bundaberg Things to do with kids bundaberg

Things to do with kids bundaberg

Friday, 12 April 2013

Games to play on Australia Day with your Kids

Here is a list of my favourite Australia Day games to play with your kids....

1. Thong Toss
Set out a line on the ground or in the sand at the beach.  Explain to the kids that the idea for this game is to see how far you can throw the thong without stepping over the line.  The person who throws the furthest will be the winner! Have some fun by adding a hop or jump to your run up. Or add a hoop to hop in.  Kids will love this game!

2. Beach/Backyard CricketKids activities in Hervey Bay
A truely Aussie game to play on Australia Day!  If you dont have a cricket set with stumps you can use a bin or a chair.  Set up your "stumps" and mark out a cricket pitch.  Set the rules before you start like kids get three outs and hitting over the fence is a six (or out).

3. Water bombs
Works at home, at the beach or in the park!  Cheap entertainment to keep the kids having fun.  Instead of just playing tag with your water bombs, play games like "balloon and spoon" races, "dog and balloon (bone)", "balloons (eggs) in the nest" and "drop the balloon (hanky)".

4. Cards
When it gets too hot outside set up the card table.  Great kids card games are Snap, Fish and Uno. 

5. Eating competitions
 Vegemite, lamintons and meat pies.  Prawn peeling competition is also a great game.  Set the timer and go, go, go!

6. Play Traditional Games
Games that have been around for many years like
- Three legged races: Use old pillow cases to tie the kids legs together.
- Egg and Spoon Races: Set up an obstacle course and cheer on the kids.
- Sack Races: Again, old pillow cases are great to use for this game. 
- Play frisbee: The art of frisbee throwing!  Teaching the kids this skill is so much fun.
Kids activities in Hervey Bay
7. Dress Up
Make your Australia Day party a theme party and ask guests to dress Aussie. 

8.  Make your own Flag
Create your own Australian Flag with bits and pieces from around the house.  Old cereal boxes painted or scrap material sewen together.


What's your favourite things to do on Australia Day? Comment below.

Travelling with Kids

When travelling with kids it pays to be prepared. You can keep the kids entertained with these handy tips and games.

Pack a portable DVD player or the kids handheld computer game. Let the kids choose the movie or games to take to play in the car – they know what they like best.

Bring along the kids favourite music or a storybook recording. The kids can sing along or follow the story in their books but be aware of signs for motion sickness).

Pack some small items to keep kids amused when you stop for a break. A ball or Frisbee are great to help kids move about and use up some energy.

Take an esky with plenty of food and drinks. Avoid foods that will be messy like popcorn, chips or biscuits. Pack items like apples and sandwiches. For a treat pack some lollypops which you could also use as prizes for car games.
Car Cricket
This less boring version of 'cricket' is perfect for long trips on country roads. Each 'player' takes turns being 'up to bat'. Runs are scored each time a car passes on the opposite side of the road.

Car Spotto
Just like bingo, each time a player spots a pictured item from the spotto card out the car window, they tick it off the sheet. Once the sheet is filled the player yells out 'Spotto' and the first to player to do so is the winner. You can download Spotto game cards HERE.

Name that tune
This is a great game for families to play together. Using the CD player in the car and some music, play the first 2 seconds of the beginning of some song lyrics then press the PAUSE button. Challenge players to sing the rest of the first line of the song. For bonus points the players must name the title of the song and who is singing it.

A-Z game
The aim of this game is to see who can get to Z first. Each player looks for letters on license plates, billboards, trucks, buildings and anything else in view. First you must find A, then B, C, etc. Shout out each letter and point to where you find it. Make it harder by limiting to only license plates or billboard signs for older children.

Number plate game
Make phrases with the car registration numbers e.g. WWW 265 could be Weird Wooly Wombats.

What tips can you share?  Comment below.

Camping with Kids

Any successful camping trip requires PLANNING. Before you leave on your camping holiday make sure you have researched your destination - check weather conditions and permit requirements.

Ensure you test your gear before loading up the car too. There is nothing worse then getting to your camping spot and finding that rip in the tent you forget to get repaired after the last camping trip.

Make sure you have a checklist of items you will need during your stay and tick them off one by one before you go.

Our region has some of the best camping destinations in Queensland. Try a local camping spot like Elliott Heads. Canya Gorge or Hervey Bay. If you plan on camping in these popular spots book well in advance.

When you arrive at your destination make sure you check your surroundings. Ask locals or site management about the best place to set up. Make sure the kids are aware of local wildlife and know how to appropriately interact.

Stretcher beds are great for kids and mean you dont have to pack air mattresses for them. They can be folded away during the day to create more space and can be re-used at home for sleep-overs.

Pack the fishing rods, bikes, scooters, board games, cricket set and cards. Plan your activities early in the day and let the kids help choose them. Take in the beauty of your surroundings and head off on a walk of the bushland. Go bird spotting or play a game who can identiy the most animals.

Pack your swimmers and head to the beach!

Keeping the Kids Cool in Summer

The Summer Months can be terribly hot and kids will especially feel the heat.  I have compiled a list of 10 tips to keep the kids cool this Summer, so we can ALL enjoy our Summer School Holidays! 

1.     Buy some water pistols and play a game of tiggy. If little ones cannot use a water pistol, spray bottles will work just as well.

2.     Make coloured ice shapes. Fill different sized plastic containers with coloured water and freeze overnight. Place the coloured blocks in a wading pool or in a watertable. Kids will love how the water slowly melts away. Fill the pool or water table with a small amount of water and see the coloured shapes bob along in the water. Preschoolers and toddlers will love this one.

3.     Go to the pool. Make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and a hat. Bring some food with you too so you can stop for a snack and then head back into the pool for some more fun!

4.     Go to your local museum or library. They are air conditioned and if you go at the right time there will be activities on during the school holidays just for the kids.

5.     Buy some ice blocks or make your own. Grab an iceblock as a treat for coming inside and having a drink of water.

6.     Bring out the board games. Sit down indoors under a fan and have some fun playing some of your old favourites with the kids.

7.     Go to the movies. Treat yourself and the kids to a movie at the theatre. Invite your friends and their children and everyone will enjoy the day.

8.     Try some indoor craft activities like: bottle top stamping; fabric button bracelets; and bubble painting. Step by step instructions on how to create these fun activities are on our website.

9.     Outdoor craft activities are fun too, like: water table, sprinkler fun, slip and slide. Make sure outdoor activities are in the shade.

10. Go to a shopping centre. There will be activities for the kids and plenty to see.


Tips on making a holiday at home the best holiday you can have.
1. Decide what days you will be holidaying. Devote these days to making your STAYCATION fun, exciting and relaxing for the whole family.

2. Clean the BBQ and unpack your banana lounge. Dust off the outdoor setting ready for those afternoons relaxing outside with a drink. Watch the kids play games in the backyard while you catch up on reading your favourite novel or celebrity magazine.

3. Unpack the camping gear and put up a tent in the backyard. Kids love to camp out and how easy is it to let them sleep under a starlit sky right at home.

4. Get out and explore your hometown and enjoy what's on offer. Try out a park you have not visited before or take a scenic car ride. Visit a beach or grab a line and take the kids fishing. 

5. Get on a bus and go across town. The kids will love the new experience and seeing their town from the view of a bus window can make the everyday seem a little bit more exciting.

6. Try a new restaurant or cafe.  Most sporting clubs have great kids clubs and some will also have a special lunchtime menu to keep the cost of eating out down.

7. Enjoy a night in with the family and have a moive night. Let the kids help choose the movie, pop your own popcorn and make home made pizzas.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Stuck on what to do with the kids when it's raining?  We've had lots of practice here in Bundy!!  Here are our favourite things to do with kids when it's raining.

For younger children, classic games such as "Simon says," "heads up, seven up" and "hideRainy Day Activities-and-seek" can keep their attention. These games require little conversation, so great to play inside.
In Simon says, the children have to follow the directions of the leader, "Simon," whenever he says "Simon says." If he fails to say "Simon says," anyone who follows his directions anyway is out of the game.

In "heads up, seven up," seven children are "it." All of the others put their heads down and close their eyes, while each child who is it taps someone on the shoulder. Those who are tapped have to guess who tapped them. If they guess correctly, the two switch places.

In "hide-and-seek," one child closes his eyes while the others hide. He then has to find them in their hiding places. The last child found wins, and gets to look for the others in the next round.

Board Games:

For older children, board games are a great way to keep them engaged. There are lots of simple games that children as young as kindergarten can enjoy. Classic games includes chess, checkers, Connect Four, Battleship, Mancala, Othello, Mastermind and backgammon. Group games include Sorry, Trouble, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders. Older children might enjoy strategy board games such as Risk, Monopoly or Settlers of activities in bundabergCard Games:

Card games are also a great indoor game. "Go fish," for two to four players, is one of the easiest to learn and play. Seven cards are distributed to each player, while the rest of the deck stays in a pile face-down in the middle. Each player takes turns asking a player of his choice whether she has any of a particular set of cards, such as queens or threes. If so, she must hand them over, and the player gets another turn. The object is to make as many sets of four as possible; whenever a set is made, the player who collected it sets it aside. If the player asks for a card but the other person does not have it, the player has to "go fish" and draw a card from the middle. Play continues around the circle until all of the cards are used.
Other Card Games include “war," "slap Jack," "old maid" and "crazy 8s." More complex games for older players are "hearts," "spades," "pinochle" and "rummy." As an alternative, some children enjoy specialty trading card games such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! These games work best when players bring their own cards.

Computer/IPad and Video Games:
Many parents and caregivers might be hesitant to encourage children to sit in front of a screen, but a number of computer games are educational and build skills. Websites such as and offer games that help kids work on subjects like language, math, logic and science. Not every video game is created equal, so do your research if the quality of the education matters to you. Check out our blog on great IPad apps for kids.
Head to your local Indoor Play Centre or Shopping Centre. There is usually lots to do!

The local bowling ally is a great place to head in the raining weather. Our local is fantastic with lots of activities to keep you enterained for the entire day.

Library - Your local has lots of things to see and do.

Head to the cimemas.
Hire a movie for the kids. Take them with you to choose, it might take a bit longer but they will have fun.

Have a tea party or indoor picnic

Build a rainy day box, full of craft bits and pieces

Have a fashion parade, include the teddies!

Make some finger paints and get painting

Make your own playdough and get creative

Straw painting.. combine straws, food colouring and dishwashing detergent!

Marble painting…combine marbles, paint and a container

Kids activities in Bundaberg

Play indoor bowling tin cans from the pantry and a ball

Enjoy a bubble bath and splash in the water

Try some indoor fort building

Try Skating

Make a sock puppet and host a puppet show!

Have fun on the computer together

Make homemade musical instruments

Make potato prints in paint

Make paper planes and fly them around the house

Play “What’s the time Mr Wolf!”

Build a castle from blocks

Toy hunt: hide toys around the house, close the curtains and search for them with a torch

Write an email or a letter to someone special

Head outside and jump in the puddles

Blow up some balloons

Cook some piklets

Get out pens and paper and draw

Make necklaces from pasta, food colouring and string

Play “Hide and Seek”

Use old cardboard boxes to make cities and car garages
Make roads on the carpet with masking tape

Cutting and pasting from magazines

Make a mud pie kitchen!

Do puzzles

Play music and dance!

Read books

Make a book!

Make a bingo board - with colours, numbers or letters!

Go outside and watch the rain and talk about it.. take some tins and catch the rain and listen to the different sounds

Get stuck into the colouring books
Make your own pizzas

Get out the camera and take funny pictures

Play shop!
kids activities in bundaberg
Set up a doctors surgery with the first aid box (or a vets)

Make some masks from paper plates or cardboard

Paint some rocks

Make some monster men from toilet rolls

Make gingerbread people and decorate them

Show them their baby books- fill them in!

Make some phone calls
Kids activities in Bundaberg
Play indoor hopscotch

Play hairdresser

Do some yoga with your Wide Bay Kid

Play restaurants

Host a teddy bear picnic or birthday party for a teddy

Make some papermache

Dye some rice and then play with itPlay “Musical statues”Make a time capsule

Do collage!

Let them just play whatever they want to!

Make a fun car ramp
Make a Cereal Box Sidewalk!

Make an Egg Carton Bus!
Play Bean Bag Toss
Create an Indoor Wall Garden with printouts
Make Hands and Feet from cutouts
Create a Toddler City

Go Laundry Basket Shopping

Play Toddler MTV and Music Moves!

Paper Plate Animals

One of my favourite craft activities is Paper Plate Craft for Kids!  Here are a few from our animal paper plate craft collection.

kids activities in BundabergSnake Paper Plate

What you will need: Large paper plate, yellow paint, silver card, small googly eyes, red card, glue, scissors and pencil.

What you need to do: Paint the large paper plate with the yellow paint. Allow to dry. Draw a large swirl (in shape of snake) onto the plate and cut out with scissors. Glue eyes onto snakes head. Cut a tongue shape from the red card and glue to snakes head. Cut out diamond and triangle shapes from the silver card and glue to the snake.

kids activities in bundabergFish Paper Plate

What you will need: Large paper plate, black nico pen, glue, scissors, sticky tape, and a variety of textured papers and card, cellophane, tissue paper (what ever you have at home).

What you need to do: Cut a triangle shape out of the paperplate and attach to the plate to make a fish tail (see pic). Cut or rip paper, card, cellophane etc and glue to the plate. Draw an eye.

kids activities in BundabergFrog Paper Plate

What you will need: Small paper plate, green paint, red and green card, googly eyes, scissors, tape, glue.

What you will need to do: Paint the paper plate green and allow to dry. Fold plate in half. Cut out two arms and two legs from the green card and attach to the bottom side of the frog with tape. Cut a tongue from the red card and attach to the inside of the upper plate. Glue on the eyes.

LionKids activities in Bundaberg Paper Plate

What you will need: Large paper plate, orange paint, black nico pen, black pipe cleaner, black and white cards, scissors, glue.

What you will need to do: Paint the paper plate orange and wait to dry. Cut around the edge of the plate to create a mane. Draw on the eyes. Cut out a nose from the black and white card and attach with glue. Cut up the pipe cleaner and attach to the nose to make whiskers. Draw on the mouth.

Butterfly Paper Plate

See our Paper Plate Butterflies HERE.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Salt Painting!

This is MAGIC!  The kids will love watching the paint shoot along the salt and glue lines spread across the paper. Get all the instructions on how to create this great kids painting activitiy over here!

What you will need:
§       Water colour paints
§       Coloured paper
§       Eye/Medicine Dropper
§       Table salt
§       White glue
§       A baking tray

What you will need to do:
Place your paper on the tray and pour the glue onto your page in one continuous line.  draw a picture or just make patterns.

Pour the table salt all over the glue – add lots of salt!  Once the glue is covered in salt, shake off the excess.

Using the dropper, add the paint onto the salt.  You only need a small amount of colour.  Drop several different colours in different spots across the paper. 

Then, its time for FUN!  Watch as the magic happens - the colours run along the salt lines….the kids will love it!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Glitter Time Out Bottles

I saw this idea on Pinterest and was so impressed I had to try it out for myself. You shake it and the glitter settles slowly as you watch and relax. I love the idea for getting children to focus on something else and relax while having a time out or quite time. It took me a few goes to get the consistency right and it will probably be the same for you. 

What you will need: Bottle (water bottle or any clear container with a screw top lid), clear glue (or glitter glue), ultra fine glitter and superglue.


What you will need to do: Fitt the bottle 3/4 with hot water (the water needs to be hot enough to melt the glue - not boiling but very hot). Add your glue and glitter and shake until it dissolves. Keep adding glue or water to get the consistency right. I used a LOT more glue then what's pictured above and still could use some more. The more glue you add the longer it will take for the glitter to settle. You want it to take at least 5 mins to settle. Superglue the lid on.

Paper Plate Butterflies

We went to our local Shopping Centre this week and made Paper Plate animals with the kids.  They all enjoyed making the butterflies, especially punching the holes and covering with cellophane.

What you will need: Paper plate, pieces of coloured/textured paper, Pop stick, hole punch, cellophane, glue, sticky tape.

What you will need to do: Cut the paper plate into quarters. Using two of the quarters sticky tape them together, making the butterfly wings. Use the glue to attach the pop stick to the wings.  Punch holes in the wings using the hole punch.  Glue cellophane over the holes (on the back side).  Using pieces of coloured paper or card, alfoil, tissue paper etc, decorate your butterfly.

You may also like Paper Plate Snakes, Paper Plate Frogs, Paper Plate Lions, Paper Plate Frogs and our Craft Butterfly collection: Paper (Magaine) Butterflies, Popstick Butterflies, Stencil Drawing Butterflies, Papertowel Butterflies.

Butterfly Stencil Drawing

Butterfly Stencil Drawing

kids activities in bundaberg

What you will need: Butchers paper (any paper will do), felt pens, butterfly stencils.

What you will need to do: Using the felt pens trace around the butterfly stencils creating a beautiful picture.
You may also like Paper (Magazine) Butterflies, Popstick Butterflies, Papertowel Butterflies, Paperplate Butterflies.

Papertowel Butterflies

Papertowel Butterflies (my favourite)

What you will need: Paper Towel, 4 x bowls, 1/2 cup water, food colouring, a pipe cleaner cut in half.

What you will need to do: Lay out the four bowls and distribute the water evenly. Add 2 - 3 drops of different food colouring to each bowl and mix with water.

kids activities in Bundaberg
Fold your paper towel square into a small square (4 folds). Dip each corner of the paper towel square into the coloured water.

kids activities in bundaberg
Unfold the paper towel and allow to dry.

Kids activities in Bundaberg
Once dry, concertina fold the squre (on diagonal) and wrap a pipe cleaner around, leaving enough at the top for two antenna.

kids activities in bundaberg

Kids activities in Bundaberg

You may also like Paper (Magazine) Butterflies, Popstick Butterflies, Butterfly Stencil Drawing and Paperplate Butterflies.

Popstick Butterflies

After making our Paper (Magazine) Butterflies, we decided to research other ways to make butterflies.  Here are our Popstick Butterflies. 

Popstick Butterflies

kids activities in bundaberg

What you will need: Pop Stick, craft paper, glitter, glue, round stickers.

What you will need to do: Cut a shape of butterfly wings from the craft paper. Make two small slits at the top of the butterfly. Insert the pop stick into the slits. Decorate your butterfly using the glitter and stickers. Instead of stickers you could decorate with felt pens or pencils. As an extension to this, you could use a pencil or biro instead of the pop stick and give as a gift to someone special!

Paper (Magazine) Butterflies

We were reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar the other day and I remembered making paper butterflies when I was a child. It's an easy craft project using everyday things from our craft box (a magazine and a pipe cleaner). So we got everything out and Lucas loved making it!

Because we had so much fun I looked into other ways to make butterflies. See my other posts on making Popstick Butterflies, Papertowel Butterflies, Butterfly Stencil Drawing and Paper Plate Butterflies.

Paper (Magazine) Butterflies
kids activities in bundaberg

What you will need: An old magazine and a pipe cleaner cut in half.

What you will need to do: Choose two colourful pages from a magazine and tear out. Cut into squares (one larger then the other). Concertina fold (on the diagonal) each square. Place the two folded squares on top of one another and pinch in the middle. Wrap a pipe cleaner around, leaving enough at the top for two antenna.

Home Made Paint

I was asked to visit our local Shopping Centre and do painting activities with the kids.  I decided that instead of buying the paint we could make our own.  I did some research and tested a few different receipes.  This is the best one I found and the one we used.

Home Made Paint Receipe

What you will need: 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup cold water, 1 cup dishwashing liquid, food colouring.

What you will need to do: Combine the flour and water. Stir in the dishwashing liquid and mix well. Pour into separate bottles and then add the food colouring.

This paint worked particularly well for the straw and marble painting as it has quite a runny consistency.  I ended up buying some craft (poster) paint to use for stamping and sponge painting.