Friday, 12 April 2013

Camping with Kids

Any successful camping trip requires PLANNING. Before you leave on your camping holiday make sure you have researched your destination - check weather conditions and permit requirements.

Ensure you test your gear before loading up the car too. There is nothing worse then getting to your camping spot and finding that rip in the tent you forget to get repaired after the last camping trip.

Make sure you have a checklist of items you will need during your stay and tick them off one by one before you go.

Our region has some of the best camping destinations in Queensland. Try a local camping spot like Elliott Heads. Canya Gorge or Hervey Bay. If you plan on camping in these popular spots book well in advance.

When you arrive at your destination make sure you check your surroundings. Ask locals or site management about the best place to set up. Make sure the kids are aware of local wildlife and know how to appropriately interact.

Stretcher beds are great for kids and mean you dont have to pack air mattresses for them. They can be folded away during the day to create more space and can be re-used at home for sleep-overs.

Pack the fishing rods, bikes, scooters, board games, cricket set and cards. Plan your activities early in the day and let the kids help choose them. Take in the beauty of your surroundings and head off on a walk of the bushland. Go bird spotting or play a game who can identiy the most animals.

Pack your swimmers and head to the beach!

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