Monday, 29 April 2013

Chickens join the family!

We introduced four new members to our family at Easter - Four Black Chickens!  We wanted to introduce Lucas to the responsibility of owning a pet (so why not introduce four?!) and getting fresh eggs was just a bonus!
Lucas went to the shop and picked out the chickens with his dad. They brought them home and settled them into the pen.  Lucas' dad had made a big nesting box and he placed some straw in it to make the chickens comfortable (in hope that this would make eggs appear in the not too distant future..... waiting..... still waiting.....and more waiting).
The chickens were named by Lucas - Riely (after his best friend at Kindy), Lucas (of course), Joshua (his baby brother) and Joshua (his baby brother).  Yes, that's right.  Two chickens have been given the name Joshua.  At first one was named "Mummy" but the next day it was re-named Joshua.  Go figure the logic of a 3 year old!

Each morning we leave the comfort of the warm house and venture down to the cold backyard to feed the chooks.  It's Lucas' job twice a day.  He scoops up the chicken feed into a bucket and takes it into the pen.  We fill up their water containers and usually stop for a little chat.  "Hello Chickens".

On two occasions in the last four weeks Lucas has said he didn't want to go feed the chickens.  I just reminded him that it was his job to feed the chickens and what would happen if we didn't feed them?  "They will be very hungry mummy".  It didn't take much convincing on either of these occasions and he soon put on his boots and we were on our way.

I can't wait for the chickens to start laying!  It will be a magical moment when we discover the eggs.  Look out for a post when that happens!!  Do you have chickens or other pets?  Do your kids help out with the care of them?

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