Friday, 12 April 2013

Travelling with Kids

When travelling with kids it pays to be prepared. You can keep the kids entertained with these handy tips and games.

Pack a portable DVD player or the kids handheld computer game. Let the kids choose the movie or games to take to play in the car – they know what they like best.

Bring along the kids favourite music or a storybook recording. The kids can sing along or follow the story in their books but be aware of signs for motion sickness).

Pack some small items to keep kids amused when you stop for a break. A ball or Frisbee are great to help kids move about and use up some energy.

Take an esky with plenty of food and drinks. Avoid foods that will be messy like popcorn, chips or biscuits. Pack items like apples and sandwiches. For a treat pack some lollypops which you could also use as prizes for car games.
Car Cricket
This less boring version of 'cricket' is perfect for long trips on country roads. Each 'player' takes turns being 'up to bat'. Runs are scored each time a car passes on the opposite side of the road.

Car Spotto
Just like bingo, each time a player spots a pictured item from the spotto card out the car window, they tick it off the sheet. Once the sheet is filled the player yells out 'Spotto' and the first to player to do so is the winner. You can download Spotto game cards HERE.

Name that tune
This is a great game for families to play together. Using the CD player in the car and some music, play the first 2 seconds of the beginning of some song lyrics then press the PAUSE button. Challenge players to sing the rest of the first line of the song. For bonus points the players must name the title of the song and who is singing it.

A-Z game
The aim of this game is to see who can get to Z first. Each player looks for letters on license plates, billboards, trucks, buildings and anything else in view. First you must find A, then B, C, etc. Shout out each letter and point to where you find it. Make it harder by limiting to only license plates or billboard signs for older children.

Number plate game
Make phrases with the car registration numbers e.g. WWW 265 could be Weird Wooly Wombats.

What tips can you share?  Comment below.

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