Friday, 12 April 2013

Games to play on Australia Day with your Kids

Here is a list of my favourite Australia Day games to play with your kids....

1. Thong Toss
Set out a line on the ground or in the sand at the beach.  Explain to the kids that the idea for this game is to see how far you can throw the thong without stepping over the line.  The person who throws the furthest will be the winner! Have some fun by adding a hop or jump to your run up. Or add a hoop to hop in.  Kids will love this game!

2. Beach/Backyard CricketKids activities in Hervey Bay
A truely Aussie game to play on Australia Day!  If you dont have a cricket set with stumps you can use a bin or a chair.  Set up your "stumps" and mark out a cricket pitch.  Set the rules before you start like kids get three outs and hitting over the fence is a six (or out).

3. Water bombs
Works at home, at the beach or in the park!  Cheap entertainment to keep the kids having fun.  Instead of just playing tag with your water bombs, play games like "balloon and spoon" races, "dog and balloon (bone)", "balloons (eggs) in the nest" and "drop the balloon (hanky)".

4. Cards
When it gets too hot outside set up the card table.  Great kids card games are Snap, Fish and Uno. 

5. Eating competitions
 Vegemite, lamintons and meat pies.  Prawn peeling competition is also a great game.  Set the timer and go, go, go!

6. Play Traditional Games
Games that have been around for many years like
- Three legged races: Use old pillow cases to tie the kids legs together.
- Egg and Spoon Races: Set up an obstacle course and cheer on the kids.
- Sack Races: Again, old pillow cases are great to use for this game. 
- Play frisbee: The art of frisbee throwing!  Teaching the kids this skill is so much fun.
Kids activities in Hervey Bay
7. Dress Up
Make your Australia Day party a theme party and ask guests to dress Aussie. 

8.  Make your own Flag
Create your own Australian Flag with bits and pieces from around the house.  Old cereal boxes painted or scrap material sewen together.


What's your favourite things to do on Australia Day? Comment below.

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