Saturday, 6 April 2013

Paper (Magazine) Butterflies

We were reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar the other day and I remembered making paper butterflies when I was a child. It's an easy craft project using everyday things from our craft box (a magazine and a pipe cleaner). So we got everything out and Lucas loved making it!

Because we had so much fun I looked into other ways to make butterflies. See my other posts on making Popstick Butterflies, Papertowel Butterflies, Butterfly Stencil Drawing and Paper Plate Butterflies.

Paper (Magazine) Butterflies
kids activities in bundaberg

What you will need: An old magazine and a pipe cleaner cut in half.

What you will need to do: Choose two colourful pages from a magazine and tear out. Cut into squares (one larger then the other). Concertina fold (on the diagonal) each square. Place the two folded squares on top of one another and pinch in the middle. Wrap a pipe cleaner around, leaving enough at the top for two antenna.

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