Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Salt Painting!

This is MAGIC!  The kids will love watching the paint shoot along the salt and glue lines spread across the paper. Get all the instructions on how to create this great kids painting activitiy over here!

What you will need:
§       Water colour paints
§       Coloured paper
§       Eye/Medicine Dropper
§       Table salt
§       White glue
§       A baking tray

What you will need to do:
Place your paper on the tray and pour the glue onto your page in one continuous line.  draw a picture or just make patterns.

Pour the table salt all over the glue – add lots of salt!  Once the glue is covered in salt, shake off the excess.

Using the dropper, add the paint onto the salt.  You only need a small amount of colour.  Drop several different colours in different spots across the paper. 

Then, its time for FUN!  Watch as the magic happens - the colours run along the salt lines….the kids will love it!


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