Thursday, 25 April 2013

Colourful Jellyfish - Made from plastic bottles!

I was given loads of empty 2L softdrink bottles for our Playgroup, and I was playing around today with some ideas for craft activities.... this is one I came up with!
Things to do with kids bundaberg
What you will need: 2L Softdrink bottle, paint, tissue paper, googly eyes, string, tape, glue, hole punch, Stanley Knife, scissors.

What you will need to do: Cut the softdrink bottle in two using the stanley knife. Paint each portion of the separated bottle (we used orange and purple paints). While the paint is drying cut strips of tissue paper - the more colours you use the better. Once the paint is dry, punch holes in the bottom of each section of bottle. We punched four holes in each. Poke the strips of tissue paper through the bottle sections and secure with tape. Glue on googly eyes. Attach a string to the top of each bottle so the jellyfish can hang.

Things to do with kids bundaberg Things to do with kids bundaberg

Things to do with kids bundaberg

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