Friday, 5 April 2013

Straw, Car and Marble Painting

Lucas loved these activities - and so did I because I could control the amount of paint used (and mess made!).

Kids activities in Bundaberg
I got the cardboard lids from Woolworths.  Just ask at the service desk if you can have a couple and you'll get them for free.  I put butches paper in the bottom of each lid and then a few squirts of our favourite paints.  

Straw Painting - Make sure the paint is heavily watered down for this one.  Blow air through the straw and watch the paint spray across the paper.

Car Painting - Lucas loved this activity! Seeing the tracks in the paint and then making new tracks was the highlight.

Marble Painting - This was also a favourite.  Be sure not to let the kids go wild on this one, otherwise you will have marbles flying everywhere!



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